Death of shailene woodley


Shailene woodley was found dead in bed this morning in her suburban home, California. She died peacefully in her sleep. At peace with nature and at peace with herself. A half-filled glass jar of fresh spring water, lay at her bedside table.

She was a woman of integrity, who sought to be compatible with nature and achieve justice for the things that mattered in life. Fame did not deter her from venturing to the lush hills of southern California to fulfil the mighty task of collecting spring water, so great was her distrust for the tap water of her $235,000 home. Fame and being cast in a bad light were the least of her concerns, even after she was imprisoned for protesting on an illegal site, who’s multi-billionaire owners were only too determined to cleanse the site from indigenous tribes and wealth did not prevent her from dismissing doctors with a single wave of her hand, instead, arming herself with the most repulsive of herbal remedies.

Though she had fame and fortune, she managed to cling to modesty and integrity, and hold fast to her morals. To her, it did not matter what people thought of her, but only how true she was being to herself, because behind that dazzling Oscar dress, and the towering heels was a different identity: one that was wholly unafraid of being different.

It is true to say that there was only one Shailene Woodley in Hollywood.

Outspoken. Intelligent. Just beautiful.

160723131301-shailene-woodley-sanders-exlarge-169    woodley


Edward Thomas is commonly considered a war poet, although few of his poems deal directly with his war experiences. In 1915, he enlisted in the British Army to fight in the First World War and was killed in action by an exploding shell at Arras on 9th April, 1917, soon after he arrived in France. Thus, this is why the extract states the place as being in Arras. It was written a couple of days before he died.

In response, his wife wrote a postscript that is somewhat like an epilogue featuring the date as being “April 9th to…” This was the date her husband died, and it is understood that “the way has been very difficult”. It was known that Helen struggled to cope after her husband’s death. In fact, her daughter, Myfanwy later said that the books had been written by her mother as a form of therapy to help lift herself from the deep depression into which she had fallen following Thomas’s death, therefore, this postscript could be an example of that.

Moreover, it would not have been uncommon for soldiers to reflect on the brutalities and losses that they faced during the war. Roughly 10 million soldiers lost their lives in World War I, and some turned to poetry, as a way of release from their horrific experiences.

And, in the case of Edward Thomas, his letter does not reveal the full extent of the brutalities he and his comrades will have faced. Hence, it was typical of war-time soldiers to distort the truth, in order to reassure family members and to keep them from worrying.

HELEN                                 220px-Thomasportrait

President Obama Orders an Ice-cream: Satire


This was a parody by the satirist Craig Brown on Barack Obama’s style of speech. It deliberately starts with “I stand before this ice cream truck today”, because much of Obama’s speeches begin like this, so this parody deliberately makes a mockery of that. Therefore, it has a primary purpose of being humorous. Thus, this is why American terminology is used throughout it, despite the writer himself being British.

The audience for this genre will be English Private- Eye readers, therefore it is also for entertaining purposes by combining politics with humour.

The text mentions the “Tutti frutti” ice cream, because Obama was snapped by photographers purchasing ice cream with his daughters, so this article adds a twist on that, by sounding more melodramatic through the use of short sentences such as “That is our one true sorrow”. This sentence also reflects Obama’s presidential style.

wasfaa malik


BARACK OBAMA- Acceptance speech as Head of School Council

I am honoured to be elected on this barackschool council. In fact, it is more of a relief that I, as a black man, from a mixed religious background should be elected for a catholic school. In fact, this election has given me consolidation that our school is one of tolerance and hope. Hope that we can still cling on to our catholic principles, hope that our school was not destined to be at the mercy of a man like our dear Mr Donald Trump. God is good.

Trump is a man who claims to believe in unity, yet spurts out xenophobic, misogynistic, Islamophobic, divisive remarks. So much for unity.

So I say to you all today, that, no we will respect one another. No matter our religion, Our race, our creed. No, we will not be divided by the divisive. No, we do not have room for the Donald Trump’s of the world.

Our school is one of prestige. So as one, let’s make it prestigious!

I promise you that much.


Naming That ‘-nym’…

English contains a lot of “-nyms” and “isms”. Below are just a few examples of key words learned.

Hypernym is a linguistic term for a word whose meaning includes the meanings of other words. For instance, flower is a hypernym of daisy and rose. Hyponym, on the other hand is a word with a more narrow meaning: it includes examples within a catergory.

E.g: Daisies and roses belong to the semantic field of flower.

Euphemism- mild, indirect way of saying something socially unacceptable. E.g: you’re dog has passed away?

Dysphemism: negative, derogatory way of saying something.

E.g: you’re dog’s died/ where’s the pee-pot. I need a wee.


1.     Finally, synonyms:

  1. a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a synonym of close.