Obituary for Alice O’Connell

IMG_0154Alice O’Connell was found dead, bullet in the head, this morning in her condo in Colombia, a social universe away from the place of her birth but a fitting landscape to the end of a life consumed by drugs, delinquency and deceit.
These stony sentences, which read like the epilogue of a gangster novel, may be music to the ears of the multitudes of conspicuous characters to whom the notorious drug lordette opened her business, and exploited millions from. They may even cause a smile to pass across the lips of cops across the globe, enthralled with the illegalities of the dearly deceased’s entrepreneurship yet never able to catch her in her illicit acts. Do not doubt though, that the death of this criminal will trigger sorrow and affliction from the bottom of the hearts of desperate housewives and crime fanatics, who enjoyed hearing the ‘Breaking News’ of yet another felony committed by the somewhat loveable rogue.
She wasn’t always victim to news headlines and police on her heels; there was a time when the young Alice O’Connell was s child genius, flourishing in exceptional achievements and basking in the glory of success in everything she did. Life on the good side because tiresome for this young Einstein and when her flair for laundering drugs offered a wealthier life than her knack for good grades, she turned her back on her vanilla life in shoebox Bradford.
To say Alice O’Connell was a celebrity would be absurd. Despite the fame into which she was thrust after a deal done wrong or a a client confessing, the 22 led her short life in full discretion. It’s no secret that the name itself is a counterfeit- an alter ego, a mask behind which the real Jane Smith hid behind.
In the end, all that’s left to say is rest in peace Miss O’Connell; whoever you were.


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