2nd March, the biggest and most tragic event occurred in Great Britain. A tragedy which left many speechless and lost for words. How the citizens were meant to cope with the news of the greatest of monarchs passing away, was just out of the question.  Queen Elizabeth did countless things for her country, we shall never forget her kindness and love that she showered upon us all. Not once did she make any of us feel like outsiders no matter our race, sexuality or gender , she made Great Britain feel like home to all.  That’s what’s most upsetting is will we ever have a monarch who will be able to take her position and respect it in the same way.

Popular support for the Queen was increasing after the difficult 1990s. Throughout her reign, the Queen represented continuity and surety, though she accepted the monarchy must attempt to renew itself. She undertook a 40,000-mile tour of the Commonwealth. She said her own “association with the Commonwealth has taught me that the most important contact between nations is usually contact between its peoples.” The Queen kept her people united as one, she was a woman of integrity who sought to achieve equality and fairness for the things that mattered in life. Our majesty was never one of the monarchs, the flaunted her fame, her only aim was to keep the people of her country happy.

She was found dead on her bed in the Palace, it has been said that she passed away in her sleep without any pain. The personal maid of the castle gave her statement to what she witnessed. These are her words to what occurred in the Palace when she found the queen dead. The witness was very distressed whilst saying these words.

The maid of the house, went into the Queens room to serve Breakfast to only find the Queen was still in bed which was very unusual because she was always up by 8:00. She said she rushed in to Mrs Middleton’s room and told her that the queen had still not awaken. Mrs Middleton giggled at the maid and told her she was overreacting and that the Queen probably just overslept.  The maid went back in to the room however she was hesitant to awake the Queen, as she thought she was in deep sleep so she just left the room.

Later on in the afternoon, the king found the Queen still asleep in the room so he shook her to wake her up. The Queen wouldn’t wake up, the king started panicking and start yelling for help. Whilst, he was yelling he checked her pulse and there was nothing. The queen was rushed into hospital but the doctors said it was too late to do anything. I , myself am so gobsmacked , what must have been going through the kings head whilst finding his wife lying down without breathing. Such a traumatic event to experience, all my prayers and thoughts go to king.

She was a week from celebrating her 100th of reigning as the monarch , what a shame and depressing time for those who were preparing to celebrate. A loss and sadness which nobody could describe.

The monarchy was shattered to many small pieces , their beloved ruler was found lifeless and to add fuel to the fire some blamed Kate for telling the maid that the Queen just overslept! What if the Queen could have survived if Kate hasn’t made such a hasty decision.

Their is so much controversy going around concerning Kate. Do you think she is the wrong? This has affected King Philip greatly in an extremely negative way. Guess we will never know, but what has happened has happened and at this time instead of the media stirring , we need to be sympathetic towards the royal family as this is not easy for anyone. We send all our love and prayers to the family and the public. Through this difficult time we can see the public pulling together, this is an amazing site to see because this is exactly what the Queen would have wanted after ruling for a long time, that her values are instilled in the people of her country.


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