Death of shailene woodley


Shailene woodley was found dead in bed this morning in her suburban home, California. She died peacefully in her sleep. At peace with nature and at peace with herself. A half-filled glass jar of fresh spring water, lay at her bedside table.

She was a woman of integrity, who sought to be compatible with nature and achieve justice for the things that mattered in life. Fame did not deter her from venturing to the lush hills of southern California to fulfil the mighty task of collecting spring water, so great was her distrust for the tap water of her $235,000 home. Fame and being cast in a bad light were the least of her concerns, even after she was imprisoned for protesting on an illegal site, who’s multi-billionaire owners were only too determined to cleanse the site from indigenous tribes and wealth did not prevent her from dismissing doctors with a single wave of her hand, instead, arming herself with the most repulsive of herbal remedies.

Though she had fame and fortune, she managed to cling to modesty and integrity, and hold fast to her morals. To her, it did not matter what people thought of her, but only how true she was being to herself, because behind that dazzling Oscar dress, and the towering heels was a different identity: one that was wholly unafraid of being different.

It is true to say that there was only one Shailene Woodley in Hollywood.

Outspoken. Intelligent. Just beautiful.

160723131301-shailene-woodley-sanders-exlarge-169    woodley


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