Pet Hamster Obituary

Baloo, the household hamster, was found dead this morning in his three bedroom cage. He died with a row of peanuts ad grapes b his side, eating what he enjoyed right up until the end.
For many this will come as a shock, however for some it will not. Those who knew him personally will tell you of he constant enthusiasm he showed in everything and anything he was involved in. This excitement could become too much as he often found himself going into uncontrollable frenzies therefore is sudden death was somewhat inevitable. After being born and named after the great bear himself, Baloo from the Jungle Book, he was brought into a caring and loving family. Many outsiders my view his death as a result of the sheer pressure that came with this great name, as he was unable to follow the footsteps of such a creature.

He often spoke easily and indeed freely of his name making it very clear that he understood its origins. Ultimatly however it was is own self doubt and the pressure of society that drove or young hamster into the abyss. But we must not be sad, we must celebrate the eventful life that he endured and say ‘God bless my friend’.


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