Listen to what we’re sayin!

Beth Rigby, Sky’s senior political correspondent recently got criticised for the way she delivered the news, like it even matters, and The Times,  Oliver Kamm  stuck up for her, and said that we need to hear more regional accents within the media.

I believe this is true, I do agree with Oliver Kamm as we all need an equal representation amongst the Media, as after all, we are all consumers of the Media. If I watch the news and I am able to hear a familiar voice such as someone from my area, it would make the delivery of the news more warm, friendly and relatable. When I watch the news and I don’t want it delivered in a boring monotone accent.

Accents for some do not matter, but for some they are a means of judging someone on a first impression. People can have different stereotypes of different accents. Birmingham accents can be considered to sound quite dense, whereas Scottish accents can sound quite aggressive at times, especially Glaswegian accents, but these need to be represented in the media more. BBC English is long gone, popular TV show personalities such as Ant and Dec, famous and well loved Geordies have had a career in the entertainment industry for years and years, no one seemed to mind about their accents so why should it matter if newsreaders read in Received Pronunciation 24/7, give it a rest….get a Yorkshire lad on the job.

This has also been the case within the Houses of Parliament. Pat Glass, Labour MP, Accused the Tories of deliberately mocking women and their northern accents. The women are ridiculed just because they didn’t go to an all boys public school and Pat Glass says that this shouldn’t be the case. Just as everyone should be equally represented in the media, they should have an equal representation of people from all over the country in parliament, not just posh boys from down south.

To conclude I believe an equal representation of accents within the media is very much needed, people need to know that there is more than just Estuary English when it comes to accent.


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