President Obama Orders an Ice-cream: Satire


This was a parody by the satirist Craig Brown on Barack Obama’s style of speech. It deliberately starts with “I stand before this ice cream truck today”, because much of Obama’s speeches begin like this, so this parody deliberately makes a mockery of that. Therefore, it has a primary purpose of being humorous. Thus, this is why American terminology is used throughout it, despite the writer himself being British.

The audience for this genre will be English Private- Eye readers, therefore it is also for entertaining purposes by combining politics with humour.

The text mentions the “Tutti frutti” ice cream, because Obama was snapped by photographers purchasing ice cream with his daughters, so this article adds a twist on that, by sounding more melodramatic through the use of short sentences such as “That is our one true sorrow”. This sentence also reflects Obama’s presidential style.

wasfaa malik



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