Acceptance Speech

Teachers, students and fellow peers I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of this class. Thank you for your confidence in me and the support shown towards my campaign over the course of this election.

It’s imperative I start by making it clear that this is our class, our movement and our piece of history. Through our hard work and cooperation, we will strive to create a better and brighter future not just for our class but for the entire student body.

A core component of my campaign is to serve the people and serve them well. This is an urgent task to which to which I will attend with undivided attention in order to deliver to you a class we can all be honoured to be part of. A hardworking class with astounding potential to do immense things.

My message is elementary, no dream is too big, no challenge too great, nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.

As your president, your representative but most importantly, your peer, I can promise you that above all else, with nothing in our way, I will not let you down. It is your vulnerability that motivates me each and every day to do what best I can in serving the people I have before me now.

Together, we must reclaim our school’s destiny and we not settle for anything that isn’t the best. United, we will rebuild the school’s corrupt Radiate system and contour it in a way that favours our school, our people and most importantly, our vision.

In consolidation with the people of this school I will lead a movement comprised of people of all races, backgrounds, religions and beliefs in order to deliver a faculty proud of its diverse community. A community with a hard history but a bright future, a sustainable future, a near future.

It is with great pleasure I look forward to representing you and doing a job that will make you proud of your president.


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