I stand here before you today in a state of gratefulness and thankfulness as you, the not great people of S.t Benedict’s Sixth Form, have collectively believed in what I stand for and have elected me for a role as crucial and important as this in a council. This day truly shows the distance we’ve come as even I, a man of no clear religious beliefs, can leave such an impression to be elected for a place in a catholic school. So I say this to you, that this election has given me confidence, confidence that our school can become one of acceptance and cohesion, confidence that our new ways do not interfere with our Catholic ethos. I say to you today, that I have confidence within the powers at be that this institution will perform to its full potential and refuse the temptations of the likes of Tom and his concentration face.

So I say to you this day, that we are a school of multicultural and multi-ethnic students. A school that’s focus is on efficient learning despite what may occur outside of our school walls. A school that provides good quality education to all of its students, regardless of race, creed or faith. A school, that keeps achieving.

This institution is a great one. So I will do all I can to preserve that.



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