BARACK OBAMA- Acceptance speech as Head of School Council

I am honoured to be elected on this barackschool council. In fact, it is more of a relief that I, as a black man, from a mixed religious background should be elected for a catholic school. In fact, this election has given me consolidation that our school is one of tolerance and hope. Hope that we can still cling on to our catholic principles, hope that our school was not destined to be at the mercy of a man like our dear Mr Donald Trump. God is good.

Trump is a man who claims to believe in unity, yet spurts out xenophobic, misogynistic, Islamophobic, divisive remarks. So much for unity.

So I say to you all today, that, no we will respect one another. No matter our religion, Our race, our creed. No, we will not be divided by the divisive. No, we do not have room for the Donald Trump’s of the world.

Our school is one of prestige. So as one, let’s make it prestigious!

I promise you that much.



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