“My Fellow St Bedians…” Political Satire


In your exam, you will be asked to write a non-fiction piece based on the extracts from question 1. This could be a satirical or humorous piece, for example, Craig Brown’s satirical “President Obama orders an ice cream” (p41) or Horrible Histories’ “The Stone Age Report” (p42-3).


Craig Brown’s satirical look at President Obama

This week’s homework is to write an acceptance speech for a role on the school council in the style of either Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. You should

  • Watch a video of a speech made by your chosen speaker. Make sure you link to the video/s watched when you post.
  • Write the speech in their oratory style – it should be obvious from the grammar, lexis and structure which you’ve chosen.

When you post, you should include:

  • A title.
  • At least one picture.
  • A link to the video/s used to see how your chosen speaker speaks.
  • Tags and categories to help people find your post.

You will be marked against the following criteria set by OCR; Component 1 Section B (non-fiction writing) is assessed using AO5 (75% or 15 out of 20 marks) and AO3 (25% or 5 out of 20 marks).

AO5 – Demonstrate expertise and creativity in the use of English to communicate in different ways.

AO3 – Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which texts are produced and received.



Post your blog by Saturday night so I have something to laugh at on Sunday morning.


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