Comparing Interviews: Newsnight & Select Committee


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The Task

  • The question was “Compare the ways in which the writers or speakers use language to ensure they get what they want from the discussion. In your answer you should consider: • context • mode and genre • purpose and audience.”
  • The two texts were: Newsnight Special (for Barack Obama’s election): Jeremy Paxman interviews Baroness Valerie Amos and Dizzie Rascal (p39-40); Russel Brand’s Evidence to a Select Committee (p46-50). (Click the link to see videos of the exchanges.)


  • AO1 – 8/30 – Apply concepts and methods from integrated linguistic and literary study as appropriate, using associated terminology and coherent written expression.
  • AO2 – 7/30 – Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in texts.
  • AO3 – 8/30 – Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which texts are produced and received.
  • AO4 – 7/30 – Explore connections across texts, informed by linguistic and literary concepts and methods.




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