Medalling with the English Language


The Olympics again brought up people’s problem with verbing – to turn (usually) a noun into a verb. As you may imagine during big sporting events, ‘to medal’ (a word in the dictionary) and ‘to podium’ (not yet in the dictionary but on the etymological radar) cause consternation, anger and much gnashing of teeth.

In class, we studied David Marsh’s Mind Your Language (The Guardian), Roger Mosey’s Medalling in the Language of Sports Journalism (BBC) and the Oxford Dictionary Blog Meddling with nouns: who’s medalling now? (Oxford Dictionary Blog).

We analysed the three texts using a typical question 3 instruction: Analyse how language is used in Texts A, B and C to present views about the nature of language change. In your answer you should: * examine any similarities and differences you find between the two texts * explore how effectively the texts present their views [40 marks]

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