Apostrophes. Should we use them?


Who would have thought that there would be so much debate about apostrophes?  The issue of banning them arose after Birmingham city council decided to abolish  the use of apostrophes on street signs. The council said the move had been taken for the purposes of consistency and to avoid costs and confusion over whether place names should ever take an apostrophe.

Who agrees with this statement?

This is a controversial issue, therefore there are two sides; some people think we should use them and others disagree. The reasons for those who do say that

  1. apostrophes indicate missing letters in the middle of words/phrases e.g don’t the missing letter is the ‘o’ ‘do not’
  2. educate society
  3. children may start to become confused – what they learn in class and what they see in the streets will be different

reasons why we should ban apostrophes:

  1. can be confusing
  2. only make a very small difference – don’t have much of an impact
  3. all words are pronounced the same regardless of the apostrophe

Personally I think that we need apostrophes. First of all you can’t just change the rules now as this will create the most confusion. People for many years have been using the apostrophe so even if it was abolished people are still going to continue to use it. Secondly, children will fail to understand the meanings of basic words which could effect them later in life. Last but not least I think it would be ridiculous to stop using apostrophes full stop just because of the council being too lazy to add them onto street signs.


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