Is the use of apostrophes really worth a debate?

apostrophe20quiz20imageDear Bradford Council,

The apostrophe is an important part of our punctuation it helps us show possession of something, for example Tom’s pen and it also helps us show a contraction (missing of a letter), for example you’re instead of you are.

Now would it really be that bad if we just completely abolished the use of them just to save everyone the confusion? Yes it would!

You would have the children of our society going to school and learning the uses of punctuation such as this, to then have them walking out on the street and being completely confused due to their own council’s laziness. If the council doesn’t even follow the rules of punctuation how can you expect the children not to turn around and start asking why they must follow it?

It could be debated as where and when the rules of punctuation need to be so harshly followed however, something so obvious to the public, should not be up for debate as it simply sets a bad example which others would soon follow.



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