Should apostrophes be banned?

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Dear Bradford council,

I believe that apostrophes are detrimental to our English language and should not be banned from street signs. What is the point in having punctuation and grammar rules if they aren’t going to be used properly?

The apostrophe has two main uses in our English language, to mark contradictions and to show possession. There can be disagreements as to when we should use them, but in my opinion I think they shouldn’t be missed of street signs.

We can use apostrophes for showing omission of letters in a contraction. You’re (you are) We’re (we are). We also use them before the S to show possessive of singular nouns. By missing them out on street signs we wont be teaching everyone the correct ways on how to use them.

Language and punctuation is powerful and it should not just be put off for the sake of a street sign. Misuse of apostrophes on street signs can pick up bad habits for everyone.



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