Letter re Hansard

Dear Naz Shah,

I am writing to you today to discuss the topic that is the Hansard report, I am discussing this topic as it came up in one of my English lessons and was described as the ‘edited verbatim’. I wonder if anything that is said in parliament should be edited as it is important that the records are kept as true as possible.

Firstly, some points in the report will not be exactly the same as what has gone on during a parliamentary meeting. Although I do believe that most of the fillers and elisions should be edited certain points shouldn’t be. I say this because certain fillers used are a part of the speech that is being presented to the audience present to listen. By removing these certain points in the speech that particular part can change its meaning or indeed lose part of its meaning as the person recording it hasn’t picked up on it.

Hansard should edit its reports for a few reasons. Firstly, Hansard removes any imperfections in the speech of the person. This makes the report easier to read. This is a good thing as long as all the key points in the speech are taken note off and edited accordingly. If this is done properly without the report losing any of its meaning and keeps the report in the proper context that it was first presented in, then I am all for editing the reports. This also makes the reports easier to understand to a new person reading it.

Also, we should also edit parliamentary reports to possibly correct any grammatical errors in it. Grammatical errors in a report isn’t right and they should be eliminated from the records. I believe this because they make the piece grammatically wrong and they also make it harder to read. By editing the reports, we not only right any errors in the piece but we make it easier to read. In reports communication is key.

Some people may disagree with editing reports though. They would argue that it removes the context that the report was written in in parts of the report. Also editing the report would lose important and useful features such as pauses. Pauses are placed in the speech we use to engage the audience and gives them tie to process the information that has been put to them. By editing the report’s, we lose these small, really important details that bring important speeches together. It is vital that we don’t lose these points but during the process of editing many are in advert ably lost. This means that the speech loses some of its convincing language.


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